About us

Itani. Tabbara. Labban. Fakhoury. Torbah. Hijal is a legal practice with a high level of awareness of the challenges presented by the unstoppable wheel of globalization and its implications on the legal environment in the Middle East.
Our office provides legal advice and counseling services to Individuals, Corporations and legal Persons by a team of high caliber, efficient, professional and experienced lawyers ably serving clients from the Middle East.
Our office Lawyers listen closely to clients to understand their legal needs and employ strategies which best meet those needs. In this regard we are pride for working effectively with other professionals including accountants, financial advisors and other legal counsels which enables meeting legal challenges immediately with a full-service, comprehensive, team-approach.
Our office promptly meets clients’ needs whenever and wherever they arise. Clients are frequently updated with status and involved in the decision making process throughout each phase of litigation and their satisfaction is always our concern.
Our office is respected for responsive planning and advice, and proud of its reputation of quality, integrity, empathy and tenacity.
“All for one and one for all" may be an old concept, but "team lawyering" is a relatively new one for the legal profession.
By definition, teamwork in a law firm environment means partnering with other lawyers in the firm to reach common goals. With partnering, it is the firm that is promoted, and it is the firm that is the legal representative of clients, not any single lawyer.
When you enter our office you will know that our team members genuinely care about you and your legal concerns. If we cannot give your case the attention it deserves we will tell you so. We do not take cases unless we feel we can devote the resources necessary to attend to them properly.
At Itani. Tabbara. Labban. Fakhoury. Torbah. Hijal Law Office we will fight hard on your behalf. As part of our commitment to our clients, we always try to respond as quickly and carefully as possible to your legal needs. We temper the speed of our service with the need to be thorough. We don't want just to take care of your legal needs quickly, we want to take care of them correctly. This can only be accomplished by having experienced, dedicated legal professionals on your side.
Our Law Office was founded on a philosophy with two main principles: that every client's case is the law firm's most important case, and that every client deserves his or her lawyer's diligent attention, compassion, and excellence.

Our core values are:

• Integrity, which requires us to be honest and impartial in our dealings with others.
• Professionalism, which demands excellence in working with our clients and interacting with the legal system.
• Collegiality, which necessitates our working collaboratively as one national team sharing our knowledge.
• Commitment to the public good, which inspires us in what we do.