Haitham H. Tabbara
Haitham H. Tabbara
Martyr Dr. Haitham Tabbara was born on February 14, 1973 He was the co-founder of our law firm He was a fine man of great integrity, grace and compassion; he was able to obtain justice for his clients through his tough and practical approach to law. He was involved in a wide variety of pro bono legal cases to assist people with limited means, non-profit and charitable organizations. One of his main concepts was: "it’s not how many ideas you have, it’s how many you make happen" Haitham and his mother died on May 8, 2008 during the gun battles that erupted in Beirut, leaving a legacy of tolerance, education and commitment.
Experience & Credentials
Legal Professional and Research Experiences • Commercial Law (Lebanese – Swiss – French – Qatari – Saudi – UAE)
• Property Law (Lebanese – French – Qatari – Saudi – UAE)
• Arbitration
• Telecommunications and Information Technology
• Maritime Law (Cargo Claims
• Ship Arrests
• Shipping)
• Gas and Petroleum Business Contracts.
Education • LL.D. (Doctor of Laws) – University of Bordeaux 4 – Montesquieu) in 2006
• LL.M. (Masters of Laws) – Lebanese University in 2001
• Diploma in Business Law – Lebanese University in 1998
• LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws) – Lebanese University in 1996.
Bar Admissions and affiliations Beirut Bar Association in 1997
• Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London) in 2003
• International Bar Association (IBA) in 2003
• International Law Office (US) in 2003.
Publications • The Arbitrator
• International Contracts
• Strike in Labor Law
• Economical Crimes in Lebanon
• The Pre-Contractual Responsibility
• The Error
• The Criminal Intentions in Economical Crimes
• Unilateral Juridical Actions in the Civil Law
• The Center of International Property in Private International Law.